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 Robin (posted september 2016)

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Faces of women and man,looks and colors are his daily work since over 20 years. No wonder if it’s so easy for him to recognize the “best pieces” and put them in relation with anyone’s facial features. When I say pieces, I obviously mean glasses and as usual, the mentioned person, is a friend of BOUDOIR Galleria ottica. Roberto Ciasca, better known as Robin ( this nickname was given him by Gil Cagnè) is one of the most appreciated make up artist in the show biz. He comes, at least, once a year to Venice for the Film Festival, to take care of the public appearance of international and italian actors.The first time we met, it happened because he needed a replacement for his reading glasses. We checked briefly his eyes and got him some readymade readers. His interest was much more captured by the design sunglasses we carry in our shop. In a few minutes he had the best selection a client could have made himself , on the counter. With a customer like this, as a sales consultant one can feel pretty useless. Regardless to that, I felt very comfortable and had the chance to get to know a very easy and lovely person.


– Robin, every day the face of actresses, brides and “normal” women undergo your professional make up skills. With such people you build contact on different levels : visual, verbal and physical. What relation is there between somebody’s look and the inner part of the person? When you work on the image of a client , do you try to perceive a certain kind of coherence between what we can see and what’s inside ? Does it happen that you create masks by purpose, in order to hide or show some aspects of the personality?

The relation with their inner being is the foundation for my work. The awareness in getting to understand their intimate nature, also because of the experience, is fundamental . Very often, my clients are not able to express their own world and it’s my responsability to help them reveal it to others. l try to make them feel comfortable in the image I create , if I fail, they’ll never be happy otherwise. Regarding the masks: we all wear one, especially in this moment it seems much more important to appear instead of to be. I don’t love masks in any case, it’s a paradox, but enhancing blemishes can become pretty distinctive , it’s a king of customization in this globalized world.


– For work, you’re part of a world, that others could kill for. You see from near the life of stars and you share it with them also. Personally I’ve had the impresison you are a very simple person. How do you find the right balance between ” beeing part of ” and ” staying out”?

At the begginng it was not easy, I must admit I suffered a little also. The enviroment of the show business didn’t match the way I felt. After some time I’ve seen I can learn something from everybody around me, I learned not to judge and to get the best out of my job. I think I am very lucky, as I do the job I wanted to, which I love , but when I’m finished, I leave the stage and go on on my own path. Sometimes it happens that these two streets cross each other, but I haven’t changed, that’s my salvation.That’s why my clients and my staff love me, with them I have a wonderfull relationship made of respect and complicity. 


– I’ve noticed you look at Venice with eyes full of admiration. But I know Venice is not your natural surrounding. What would you bring from Rome for your days here and what would you take back home once the stay is over ?

From Rome I would definitely bring my bike, it’s so difficult to get around in Venice ( and expensive too) Plus Venice is way to humid for me. From here I would take home the silnce when Venice is sleeping, it’s wonderfull, when the alleys are empty and you can just hear someboy’s laughter far away. 


– Free talk. Tell us about one pair of glasses from your wardrobe and tell us why you choose to wear sunnies on the red carpet this year during the Venice Film Festival.

Glasses are very important for me . I have very sensitive eyes, so I wear sunglasses all day, even on cloudy days. At night I use spectacles, to relax. I don’t love artificial light, but most times I work in such conditions. I’ve always used to have a perfect sight, but now I need reading glasses. So glasses are not only a protection and a device to see clearer, but they are a very important design accessory , they refine the look. I hate too aggressive ones, goggles or similar . I normally choose plain styles, but still original and eventually colorfull. Depending on the situation I wear glasses with tinted lenses, or mirrored ones. One of my latest purchases at Boudoir is a pair of glasses with flat and lightly mirrored lenses, they allow me to see even when the light is low. I decided to wear glasses on the red carpet because I worked very hard on those days and my eyes were very tired, so I kept them on and they looked fantastic with my extravagant outfit.


– let me see if I ‘ve given my female clients the right make-up  tips. How should the make up change when a lady ‘s wearing make-up or not? Should the whole make-up change or just the eyes?

It depends on the frame and on the lenses. Briefly: sculpting will come easier if the choice of the frame is made properly, in order to enhance the shape of the face. One should always check if the eyebrows are covered or not by the top of the rim. If the lenses magnify, one should pay attention to the colors, the blendings and intensity which needs to be lighter. If the lenses make the eye appear smaller ( minus lenses ) , one should do the opposite, increase the intensity. It’s not necessary to rethink the whole make-up, it basically depends on on the color, blush and lipstick should match the color of the frame.  


– In this blog , I always ask my friends something about food, maybe because when I eat I really can talk to people. Do you think the table is a good place to get to know people… or do you know them better while you do them the make-up? I know you have a weakness for sweets. For which dessert would you give your airbrush makeup bag away ?

The best way to get to know a lady is to see in what kind of make up she shows up at a dinnerparty; for the man on how styled they are . More and more in Italy, we see this loss of masculinity, extrathin eyebrows , supertrimmed beards and totally shaved bodies. I can resist to any temptations , I would never give my bag away, it’s way to important for me


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