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Orsola Mainardis ( posted in July 2019 )

When I  deal with people who can sing, dance or act, I feel immense admiration. The same happens with the ones know how to transform imagination into real objects, as for example painters and sculptors. One of these talented people  is Orsola Mainardis. Orsola creates jewelry with crystals and Murano glass. Also Boudoir, in certain times of the year, carries collections by Orsola Mainardis... and that's how we met: I had enough of punk/rock costume jewelry and I was looking for more feminine and romantic accessories.

On a personal level we understood each other pretty fast,  not only because of the love for beautiful things that we share, but also for our dogs.


- As a creator of jewelry which you are, you'll agree  with me when I say that  accessories not only complete the look, but they make it. Women have shoes, bags, belts, jewellery, sunglasses and hats to choose from. After your perception of fashion, do you think that the tendency will be to overdo with accessories, or will just wear a few pieces at time for every chance of wardrobe?

Accessories will become increasingly important. With taste and simplicity you can give a casual look, like jeans and a t-shirt, an unrivalled luxury mood. Fashion now allows you to combine multiple styles. Sometimes you can see outfits that are really  exaggerated, but with a bit of taste , it doesn't need much to look good and the right accessory makes the difference, it makes you look unique. I mean, I would never think of not accessorizing anymore,it's a must, regarding the quantity, I believe that it is better not to overdo it.


- For yourself you always choose a sober style, never anonymous, by the way.  By the number and the style of glasses that you own ( many !) i clearly understand that you love to wear them and make matches with your clothes. Do you usually choose them according to your mood, instead of the look? Can wearing  certain accessories  change  the mood, does it make you feel different, better ?

Accessories are mandatory for me, as said. Clothes? I never throw anything away unless  the moment has arrived . So depending on the day and the occasion I create a look focusing on the accessories. I have bought glasses and I'll always do so,  because the same dress tatally changes with a pair of glasses and the right jewellery . Looking into the mirror before I go out and seeing that my outfit is exceptionally composed and represents me,makes me feel really at the top, it makes me feel strong; then, depending on what I wear , I feel different, of course. Then you, Alessandro, taught me to respect some kind of consistency between the look and individuality, for example, when you say <<No, these glasses do not suit you, try this other model  on, it will look better with  your personality >>


- As customers you have women that visit you at the showroom, and boutiques in Venice and in Europe that sell your jewelry. You  constantly renew the assortment, presenting updated products. Do you draw , as it comes or do you  follow trends to inspire you ? Is Venice  a good source of inspiration ? When is Venice recognizable in your jewellery?

Venice is the city where I was born and where I work.It is a constant source of inspiration with all its secret corners, and the infinite shades of colors that change every hour of the day. I draw a dozen new pieces each year, in addition to  my best-sellers refurbished, in trend colors. In this I keep myself always up to date: I study carefully the combinations of colors to satisfy the contemporary taste of women. My clients often fall in love with a model, and they want it in more color variations. Often they send me photos of dresses  they're going to wear,and on these ideas I draw and create the jewel that suits the best, according to the needs of my clients.


- Your business, like mine , is a one-man-show. If we had mass customers, in the business management, the product itself  would probably have more relief. Having selected a very specific clientele, is as if we've had chosen each other, and the key of success are in fact the people we meet every day . I there one thing that distinguishes your customers, one thing they have in common, one thing that makes you understand that they are special people?

As you know, I like to create synergies with my clients. My clients are all amazing women; many entrepreneurs, managers and doctors, but also mothers, grandmothers, and students. When they get to my studio they feel like home. I love to listen to their stories and understand their needs. Maybe they have this in common with each other ( and with me ) : the desire and the ability to express themselves in words, but also with the body and the clothing. Thus it may happen that they arrive with a clear idea about the color and model of the jewel, but then talking about the everyday life daily or the special occasion... after trying on the different options, they completely change their mind. I understand that they are special people, when they make me feel spacial, as for example,  when they send me photos of the outfits I helped create and I see them happy wearing a jewel that carries my name.


- What advice would you give to someone who wants to visit Venice, in an alternative way?

It is a bit difficult to plan it, as instead the use of internet has entered into our habits. I would recommend first of all to abandon the idea of seeing this city in only two or three days, but give Venice the time of opening ourselves to the beauty and then let's get captured. When we are  receptive, it will be easy to recognize the locals and it'll be easy to ask them directly what to do and what to see, kindness and good manners are always paid back .


Thanks Orsola , I expect an invitation to drink prosecco in the studio, now...


Andrea de la guarra in his Hally&son Spectacles
andrea de la guarra in his booth&bruce sunglasses
Andrea De La guarra and a jack russel
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