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 Luisa(posted march 2017)

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A couple of fast phonecalls, an unknown number of people confirmed immediately and others just show up at some stage :  food and wine are always there when Luisa Veronese cooks dinner. On top of that and friends carry quiches, cheeses and pastries lik they were going to a pic-nic. After dinner we are in the living room  to tell about the latest trips and enjoy the magical intimacy of the place. There are objects from around the world, all of different eras, but still all are perfect matches of style. It is not my house and not my style, but I feel so comfortable that I tell the others that would it be so cool  to create an eyewear  boutique according to this inspiration. Glasses that comes from any part of the earth, as the objects that Luisa collects, Indian perfumes, jewelery, textiles. A travelers lounge, a gathering point, where to know each other and relive memories of our own travels and those of others. Luisa gives Angela, her partner in crime (… businesspartner at Set décorer) a blink and  sais “what’s the problem? You find the place and we will furnish it for you”. The rest is written history. Angela and Luisa, in a few weeks have restored enough pieces of  antique furniture to furnich the first shop of Boudoir, just as I had imagined it. Normally I tell this episode, when I’m interviewed, finally peoplewithglasses, gives the word  to those who, like Luisa,  have been from the beginning.

the above mentioned livingroom


– We met while waiting for a delayed flight from  Venice to Marrakesh. You were on a mission with Angela for the rebuilding of a Riad and I was traveling to spend with three more friends, a long weekend in Morocco.  The time you haven’t spent  restoring antique furniture  or checking the progression of work, you were with us testing the trendy restaurants of the moment and beautiful craft shops. We all liked each other immediately. What is your approach when you meet new people? Do you follow your instinct, if the first impression is good and open your life generously to newcomers or do you need time to know who you are dealing with and establish a relationship of trust first? Basically, are the first impressions  confirmed, when you get to know these friends? Are there substantial differences in this process if it comes to friendships or relationships?

With new people I definitely follow my instincts and rarely have the impression to be wrong. When a person attracts me, we feel similar or at least compatible, intrigued  there is no problem: a friendship is born. As for matters of the heart I am much, much more suspicious … and  often I’m wrong.


– Your career as an experienced and passionate antiquarian and the time spent working on movie sets,  brought you to the most recent experience as a decorator of photographic sets, where catalogs for major furniture, jewelry and fashion campanies  are shot. The same  love that you put into your work is also reflected in the care of the house: the environment in which you live, care of the  family or the choice to simply read a novel in absolute solitude. Pleasures like that are part of your way of being and make you never fall into the cliché of a housewife from the 50s. Something to share with friends, sitting around a table and eating the dishes you’ve  cooked for them. What is the reason that makes you prefer the home environment instead of a restaurant?

I don’t like restaurants, I love having friends at home. I think depends on the freedom I feel in my space and I also wish that my friends will feel free from any formalities, enjoying the pleasure of being together. Tyoical living room conversations, easy and entertaining, touching many different topics. Listening and telling. I only  ask my guests  one thing: not to talk  about politics,  football or religion!


– Your style is sober and, let me tell you, very chic. Your elegant look is so well done that it seems to leave space by purpose for a few more flashier and important accessories. Sunglasses  usually have a retro inspiration, while for eyeglasses you have chosen the Nordic design of a  Lindberg Spirit  frame. Please explain why you have preferred this minimalism over other more impressive possibilities?

It ‘very simple, Alessandro. I do not want to be noticed, I think like everyone else, I hope to be remembered sometimes … (Luisa  smiles and then a laughs)


– In  "Life stories", I always like to compare style and fashion. We already discussed about the way you look.  So tell me instead of a different style from yours, but that appeals to you. Leaving out the aesthetic, can you imagine a different kind of woman that you could be if you were not who you are now?

I do not know what kind of woman I could (or would)  like to be. There are many women that I admire and esteem, of course. However the idea of starting over, wearing a new personality, with all the time that it took me  to get me to this point … no thanks! Also, don’t you think Ale, we’re all constantly changing, day after day? If I’d be curious about something , maybe I would love to know how I will be in a few years. Definitely older, but I also hope wiser and serene.


– You live in Vicenza,  between the city center and the hills where you make good wines (my favorite is the Costozza Cabernet Sauvignon and I advice a wine tasting in Villa Da Schio in Longare. VI). You’ve spent your youth in the Venetian hinterland. After many years do you feel  an emotional bond with Venice as a city? How to combine the great love for the house  with the spirit of a traveler, always ready to leave for some unknown destination?

Surely there is a strong link with Venice, I am very proud to be born there. I have all the  strengths and weaknesses of a Venetian character. I come from an ancient land and I’m proud of it. But travelling opens the mind and puts me in contact with different people, it makes me understand many things that otherwise would remain unknown , it enriches me inwardly and makes me appreciate my things when I come back to them.
The house is always the reference, the refuge to which to return, the right space. In reality there is no antagonism between the desire to travel and the love to my roots, these are two forces that feed each other in a symbiotic way.


Thank you for your time.

luisa da schio veronese
lindberg spirit
luisa da schio verenese
boudoir galleria ottica in 2009
living room decorated by luisa
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