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Appassionante  (posted december 2016)

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As Christmas present, I already thought of telling you about  Appassionante, because I remembered that this group should be as old as my Boudoir is, seven years now. In fact this ensamble made by  Giorgia, Mara and Stefania exhists already from 2002. Their youth and the freshness of the art they are bringing around the world, must have cheated me. These ladies sing,  they compose crossovers between opera and pop music, which they perform live in concerts. I like to find similaryties between the ways they and I work, it’s easy I must admit. We both believe in quality, but never underestimate the power of beauty and sensuality. Who heard them singing knows what I’m talking about. Opera singers as gorgeous as talented, able to reach the audience’s emotion, no matter what age, gender or nationality thay belong to. A subtle touch of erotic in the show, can never be misunderstood as something vulgar. The three mediterranean beauties have performed in all continents, from the lost islands in the pacific to more critical places as for example Korea. They travel so much, always on a plane. Air Berlin must have noticed that, so 2011 they became

testimonials  and sang the company’s hymne ” wings”. Despite their fame and international flair, the bond to Venice is quite unique. This is the city where they always come back. It must be because music and sensuality go well along with the sometimes luxurious and sometimes melancholic athmospheres of the lagoon.


I can easily imagine that every city has a peculiar audience, so singing in Cape Town will not be the same as doing it in Egypt. Let’s forget about the audience for a second: what kind of sensations does singing in Venice give you, and which others can you give back when you’re here ? 

Giorgia  With Venice we have a very deep bond, which lasts since many years already. Having the chance to perform during exclusive events as the “Ballo del Doge”  is such a unique experience. The world of masks and living the stage as it was the 18th century, is like flying into  the wonderland . That’s why Venice has no equals. 

Mara I’ve had the chance to travel in all the world and to sing in different venues, so I can say that the relation to the audience is always very intense. I try to understand their emotions and sensations, in order to transform them into art. Venice is unique due to the colors of the palaces , for the history and for it’s power. Every time I had the chance to sing here I felt surrounded by a magical athmosphere.

Stefania Venice is unique , like a miracle on the water, fashinating like no other place on earth. Venice gives us, every time we bring our music here, unique emotions. Singing in ancient palaces, dressed with venetian costumes , is pure magic . Trying to catch our audience’s emotions behind the masks they are wearing is an intriguing game that melts perfectly with our music.   


You made of a natural skill, your voices, your current profession . Did realizing this dream of passion, change the relation you have with people in general? The more you become popular , doaes this relation change in any way ? 

Giorgia I think I’ve been very lucky in having made of my passion my work. Music is the way I have realized my dreams. I I have reached something it’s thanks to the music and to the people who believed in me and in us. So the most important change is gratitude. I feel grateful and satisfied . If music changes you it changes you in a better  way .

Mara Succes has made me a better person, because by reaching my dream I can say i’m grateful to life and to our fans who follow us with such love. Getting in touch with different cultures, made me innerly rich and gave me the opportunity to show myself for what I yhink I am, genuine and simple.

Stefania Having turned my biggest passiono into my job, has not changed my charachter at all. Also the way I relate to the people around me has remained the same. My life has changed only in the “everyday” routine, because I’m mostly traveling and there’s not much time left for my friends and the private life. For sure something else has improved, happy to meet every time new people, new cultures, places, history and contraddictions. 


The show biz is made mostly by look and images. What kind of visual message should  your outfits suggest? Are they designed especially for you? Do such looks represent your personality also when your out of the stage ? 

Giorgia We have to thank the fashion designer  Marella Ferrera for having been able to extract in one only dress the essence of our femininity, strenght and passion. Her dresses represent us totally as they are a mix of tradition, modernity, elegance, and cultural belonging which never abandons us. Out of the stage , I also like to relax in comfortable clothing and look a little like a man. But, also that, never without a touch of glam. 

Mara Appassionante has a high impact visual approach, it communicates strenght , sensuality, mediterranity and tradition, also thank to our stylist who can emphasize and enrich our appereances with style. I take care of my look also n my spare time , I love it , it makes me feel good with myself .  

Stefania Our image on stage is framed by the elegance of the dresses designed by Marella Ferrera , a sicilian stylist who has been at our sinc since the biginning of Appassionante. Thanks to her work the visual message  matches perfectly the musical message , it means that tradition and innovation, classic and modern, pop and opera melted together can give birth to big emotions.


On stage you are not wearing glasses, in order to keep the eyecontact with your audience. When you’re free I always see you wearing beautiful eyewear. Which one are your favourites and why? Did you ever fantasize about glasses that don’t even exhist ? 

Giorgia I recently found out that I need spectacles, so if I used to wera glasses for fun before, now I really need them. I must say I discovered an incredibile range of frames to choose from, thanks to Alessandro and his great taste. Personally I prefer vitage looking frames, with sharp tips at the sides. If I had to invent glasses I would design glasses with a very special cat eye shape . 

Mara I love to wear any kind of glasses , colorful ones and in every possible shape. I also like the vintage look , when I can I visit flea markets and search for some. My dream would be to wear a pair of glasses that make you see the world different from what it is at the moment. 

Stefania I am shortsighted. On stage, if I was not wearing contacts I would be ridiculous, stumbling every other moment. When I’m not working Ilove to wear glasses. It’s like having a nice dress on. I love extravagant frames and the ones I love the most are the ones I got at Boudoir.  If I had to imagine a pair of glasses, they would have something to do with my work, maybe with temples shgaped like a treble clef and notes building  patterns allover the frame. Why not, Alessandro why don’t you make them ? 


Judging how in shape you are, I would say your second occupation is skipping the meals . The truth is you don’t. You are touringm you have rehearsals and you do concerts, so you burn a lot of energies. On top of that you like to eat well. You prefer local kitchen or after all those trips your taste has fallen in love with some exotic alternative ? 

Giorgia Who said we are not eating ? Never ever ! I am a gourmet and I love good food. I am very curious so I’m always open to try different food, like the lebanese kitchen which I love. But at the end nobody makes pasta with fresh mushrooms like my grandma does.   

Mara I always try to eat healthy , so I prefer the good kitchen , low on fats. I am also very curious and a bit greedy , so I try the typical plates of the places we visit. I’ll have a very hard time now as I’m going back to Sardinia, my home. It will be impossible to resist our traditional recipes, which are everything but light ! 

Stefania You are right , we are three gourmets. I personally keep fit as I practice a lot of sports and I eat healthy, I an a vegan. My choice is not on behalf of a diet, but it’s ethical.  I respect every form of life. When I’m around I try different local vegan dishes. Nowadays it’s not complicated anymore to find vegan food. Go vegan. 


Girls , thank you fo your time, we will see each other somewhere during carnival, if we can recognize each other behind the masks . 


appassionante by aymeric giraudel
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