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Andrea De La Guarra ( posted a july 2019 )

Many of the friends that I have interviewed are not native venetians, and finally the time has come to read abouta loyal customer, a venetian, a writer.
This is not a normal venetian ( to be honest, no venetian is an awerage human being ), but an all around creative who presents himself with the artistic name of Andrea De  La Guarra.

He has published "the Heroes of the silence", a novel to be read , one shot,  in an afternoon. It's set in the circus world,  between  acrobats and ferocious beasts, exploring feelings, and very very strong family boundaries.

- Andrea, you have always loved to express yourself as an artist. At the age of four you auditioned for the "Zecchino d'oro", then the gymnastics competitions, the dance school, the theatre , his career as a model, the work in the disco, the direction of shows and now writing. Obviously, each task corresponds to different phases of life. Do you think you would have been able to write with the same intensity of the contents also in your earlier years ? And which of the already carried out activities, would you instead going back to for the future?

In fact, when I happen to read the pages I wrote in the years of adolescence, I wonder how "deep" I already was, perhaps more than now. Time has changed the style of the narrative. In the beggingn it sounded like something tought at school, that followed a logical timeline and facts, now it is certainly more interesting, I' say "acrobatic". Regarding my past activities, I would do them all again, except, for obvious reasons,  the ballet and the gymnastics which rightly require a very flexible body...

- You grew up in Venice, where you have attended the acting school of Avogaria, you have lived in different european cities and travelled a lot for work and pleasure. In a ranking of five cities at which place you put Venice and why? What do the other cities have , to deserve a place in your top 5?

Venice gets the first and the fifth place. The first because it is undoubtedly a magical city, a place for the heart, unique in the world for its architecture and beauty. Last place, out of five, for the fact that it is gradually depopulated of residents. To live in venice has become a luxury reserved for the few.

At the second place, for me, there is Spain in general, I like the sense of freedom and the possibility of expression of the "self" that reigns in that country, and of which it is easy to enjoy.

Third place,  Berlin for the artistic ferment that permeates the various neighborhoods for decades already.

Fourth, finally,  Miami for the lifestyle, the Miami style.

- Everything in life changes and nothing is ever definitive. Would you be able to tell what has never changed in your relationship with people, and instead what aspect of the relations  has evolved or it's gone through a noticeable change ?

Since I was a teenager,  the enthusiasm and the curiosity with which I approach people, regardless of gender, social background or race has never changed. With the passing of time, I have learned to be less impulsive, despite to what happened in the past, I can now count to 5 (10 is still too long) before I start arguing in stressy situations. In general, I learned not to give too much importance to things that do not deserve it.

- As the director of disco nights and shows in general, you also have a trained eye to  aesthetics, like a costume designer would have. What role do eyeglasses and sunglasses play in the construction of an image, an outfit? 

According to me, it's a starring role ! As for example, consider when we take a picture, to be recognizable, we portray the face. Whatever is in the space between the neck and the hair line , that  identifies us in a strong way and this is also true for the accessories that we wear. These are shapes and colors that have to merge with our features. They are tools that help you to express yourself, tell who you are, who or what you would like to be and what you want. I would not ever buy glasses from the internet, because I need to try them on. The lines must match the face and personal needs are easier to interpret with a professional next to me.

- Normally I always have a question related to food, cuisine and conviviality. In your case change a bit the topic: if it is true that eating is a pleasure, to you, overall what is the thing you like the  most, that gives you  pleasure?

There are two things that I particularly like and give me pleasure.

Laughing is one and the other, which I can't do without, it is the contact with  animals. I have owned dogs all my life and now I have four cats at home. I can easily skip a lunch or a dinner, but I can't take away the pleasure of stroking a cat, playing with a dog and enjoy a healthy laughter.

Andrea de la guarra in his Hally&son Spectacles
andrea de la guarra in his booth&bruce sunglasses
Andrea De La guarra and a jack russel
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