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 Amy Robinson (posted may 2016)

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I think I must start this blog  by interviewing a lady, who became a friend I really care about and turned out to be a wonderful person.

Her name is Amy Robinson, when I first met her in 2011 I only knew she was a good looking woman, spreading good vibes and charisma.

She came to my shop and bought a pair of Caroline Abramglasses with progressives lenses. As these lenses take a couple of days to be made, I had to ship the glasses to New York, city where she lives.

The privacy of my clients is very important to me and I do respect it, but sometimes, I must admit it, I google their addresses to see the neighborhood where they live.

Google streetview is just amazing ! 

Well, by doing this I found out Amy is an American actress and film producer. She played in “Mean Streets” with Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro and she produced films  such as Julie and Julia, which is still one of my favourites. The next time she came, I started introducing her to my local friends in Venice and to my partner.

Now when she comes, I know it in advance and we make appointments, to make sure we don’t miss each other and we have time to go out for dinner once or twice during her stay. She also introduced me to some of her friends and we always had the most interesting conversations, sitting around a table and tasting wine.

Amy, I haven’t made it yet to come to New York and pay visit to you. Thanks God you’re coming regularly to Venice.

What makes you love this city so much and come back every time ? 

I love Venice  because it is unique in the world. It is beautiful, timeless, full of mystery, elegance, surprise and great art. I always miss it when I am away and feel great joy when I return. 

Do you think Venice and New York share some similarities ?

New York is a large city made up of villages, Venice is a village with the heart and soul of a cosmopolitan city.

People with glasses , is a blog about people ( who wear glasses ). 

Which are the natural dowries and personal skills you appreciate the most , about people?

 I  value, humor, kindness and creativity in people. I  am happy to be around people who love what they do and do it well.

You need glasses and you like to wear them. In your opinion, which are the most important features they must have?  

I did not wear glasses until I was  40 years old so it took me some time to get adjusted. So,for me  glasses must feel comfortable on your face and, of course, be stylish!

Food and good kitchen are important matters in my life. When you get invited, do you prefer home made food or a  nice treat at the restaurant? Which is your favourite one in Venice and which one in NYC ?

I am always happy to go to someone’s home and enjoy their cooking but I love to dine in restaurants too. I guess the truth is, good company and good food are pleasures that  never diminish.

Is there a wish you want to share with the readers of this blog ?

When you visit Venice be sure to go to Alessandro’s store. it is on one of my favorite streets in all of Venice. He will treat you  as a friend and provide you with fantastic service.

Thank you Amy. Hope to see you in New York next Time, this would mean I’ve finally  keep my promise ”

Amy Robinson
Amy Robinson
Amy Robinson
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